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How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Sales Leads

Posted by Eric Pratt on 4/23/14 8:11 AM

4/23/14 8:11 AM


If you're in sales you're likely aware of what a fantastic sales aid LinkedIn can be.  Lead generation is one of the most difficult elements of the sales cycle, and no one likes to cold call.  More importantly, no one likes to be solicited and interrupted during their day by pesky sales people trying to sell them something they don't need.  Enter LinkedIn as one of the most effective way to make first contact with a prospect without getting the door slammed in your face.

LinkedIn is far and away the most valuable social media platform for B2B sales, pretty much everyone you'd want to meet with has a profile.  If you want to get better sales results beyond the self marketing opportunities present you'll need to work the tool a little and apply some sales skills.  

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Search Promotion Showdown: SEO vs SEM

Posted by Nicole Rende on 4/22/14 10:00 AM

4/22/14 10:00 AM


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two different types of online marketing. They both boost awareness and online traffic, but they achieve this in different ways. Even though the two phrases, SEO and SEM, seem the same, they are both very different. In this post, I will break down the characteristics of each. Let the showdown begin!

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4 Old-Fashioned Ways to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh

Posted by Marc Herschberger on 4/21/14 8:31 AM

4/21/14 8:31 AM


Blogging on a consistent basis can be tough, especially for someone who isn’t used to producing large amounts of creative writing.  One of the biggest push backs I receive when talking to clients and business owners about blogging is that they just don’t know what to write about.  Fair enough.  If your focus in business and marketing up until now has been creating promotional material to send out versus educational material to connect, chances are content ideas won’t always be flowing.

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Six Marketing Statistics to Ensure Your Customers Love Your Brand

Posted by Adrian Doggrell on 4/20/14 2:30 PM

4/20/14 2:30 PM

A large part of maintaining a successful business is having a good base of customers. Sure, new customers are great, but they rarely prove to be anywhere nearly as profitable as the life of a return customer. Dedicated customers who come back time and time again will produce for your business in an extremely positive fashion. Sure, they will continue to purchase your goods or services many times over their lifetime, but the true value is their continually spreading the word about your business. There is no better advertisement than an authentic recommendation coming from a trusted family member or friend. Personal recommendations are huge when it comes to credibility, so it is exceptionally important to retain all of your current clients. To help your business do this, all Denver marketing firms will try to encourage your customer base to interact with your brand through social media. I will lay out a few pieces of advice that will help you strengthen your brand with accompanying statistics provided by

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