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About AJ

AJ is an East Coast transplant who grew up in Connecticut and spent 9 years in Boston, MA before relocating to Colorado.  Colorado has proven to be a perfect landing place for AJ, his wife, and two dogs to do everything they love. Since moving,  there has been plenty of time spent mountain biking, trail running, snowboarding, doing CrossFit, and using recovery days to homebrew beer. 

AJ was drawn to marketing while working in a retail job after high school. Learning about attracting and retaining customers inspired him to pursue a marketing degree at Lasell College since renamed Lasell University, in Newton, MA. While attending Lasell, he also found time to play rugby and intern at a local company where he discovered the power of inbound and content marketing. 

After graduating in 2012, AJ has worked at both small and large companies, developing expertise in how to best leverage marketing automation systems. AJ hopes to utilize his skill-set to bring success to both Revenue River and its clients.  

AJ’s Specialties

  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Marketing Campaigns
AJ's Inbound Certification
AJ's Email Marketing Certification
AJ's Social Media Certification
AJ's Contextual Marketing Certification
AJ's Content Marketing Certification
Mountain biking

AJ’s Interests:

Mountain Biking

After growing up riding bikes, AJ discovered the sport of mountain biking after college. It gives him a way to escape the stress of everyday life, reconnect with nature, and help be a kid again. If you are ever in Colorado let him know if you want to go for a ride!


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