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About Audrey

She hails from Malaysia and really loves Ultimate Frisbee. That’s all you need to know. Just kidding (but really, she’s kind of obsessed with Ultimate).

Audrey ventured out to the States in 2015 to complete her undergraduate degree. After graduating, she lived quite the nomadic life moving from Wisconsin to Chicago to Atlanta to California and finally here to Colorado, where she can’t wait to explore the great outdoors, and of course the Ultimate scene.

Her first taste of Digital Marketing was during a summer internship where she gained exposure to consumer insights generation. She started here as a Content and Promotion Specialist and moved into Conversion and Automation.

As someone constantly seeking new adventures, agency life excites her as it gives her the opportunity to work with inherently different clients. She loves doing deep dives into each unique industry and is excited to work with the various clients Revenue River attracts.

AUDREY’s Specialties

  • Content Marketing
  • Consumer Insight Generation
  • Inbound Strategy
Audrey Chuah
Audrey's Inbound Certification
Audrey's Email Marketing Certification
Audrey's Content Marketing Certification
Wisconsin Women's Ultimate Team, Bella Donna

Audrey’s Interests:

Ultimate Frisbee

I was introduced to this sport during my Sophomore year and was instantly hooked. Some of my favorite college memories involve chasing discs with teammates in those insane Wisconsin winters. I'm currently taking time off due to a knee injury (Ultimate induced), but will be back at it.

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