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Taking on the task of rebuilding your website can be daunting.  With everything you have to do in your day deciding what kind of website you need is likely low on the list.  On top of that, you think you want your site built in a content management system (CMS) but you're not sure which one is best.  While many businesses prefer to outsource to a third party web design firm, most prefer to build in only one or two different languages.  Very few build in SilverStripe as it's a fairly new technology out of Australia.  Denver web design

In the recent past, platforms such as Drupal, WordPress as well as Joomla has enjoyed substantial popularity amongst businesses all over the world for the excellent features and performance they are possess. However, despite their market leading stature, they have frustrated many business owners with their limitations and difficulty of use. 

To our relief a new name has been able to carve its way into the mix of most sought after CMS options - yes, we are talking about SilverStripe CMS. Most users agree that SilverStripe happens to be by far the easiest and most versatile solution to a wide range of web projects a business can initiate.  The Admin panel is very intuitive, giving even basic user skills the ability to work with the program and make the necessary edits they need to keep their site fresh and relevant.

Launched under the BSD license, SilverStripe CMS makes custom sense to virtually all kinds of business, regardless of their domain, size or stake in the market. It brings you a pretty unique and stand alone administrative panel that enables webmasters and business owners to modify any segment of a website equipped with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing platform.  In most cases, it's as simple as editing an email or creating a Word document.


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Since SilverStripe is an open source platform, the webmaster hardly experiences any restrictions from the vendor- thus making it incredibly easy to make custom web projects as per their preferences. In addition SilverStripe CMS extends its support to all three major OS platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Because of its clear and extensible database of codes, working with this new-generation CMS guarantees a flawless experience and a far tighter control over the proceedings. Another benefit is that it comes equipped with the ability to enable easy draft changes.

SilverStripe happens to be one of the few CMSs today that brings an easy to comprehend template language, which means a lot to any webmaster whose priority is to make things simple and effective for both production and design teams.

SilverStripe has also seen a tremendous growth and evolved in terms of maturity as a CMS tool that most of us could not even anticipate from a web development standpoint. There are plenty of businesses today that have an entirely new and fast expanding generation of developers who are way more comfortable working with SilverStripe CMS than they are with any other platforms.  To work in this CMS is a stable and free-of-error experience with a totally relevant and active roadmap centered at enhancement as well as extension of virtually any web project - not matter how complicated it is.

So, judging by all the aforementioned benefits, I think it is pretty easy to understand how SilverStripe makes total custom sense for any business.  If you're looking for a Denver Web Development firm to build you a website in SilverStripe you've come to the right place.  Request a consultation today, we're ready to show you what we can do.


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