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Conversion pages need present a compelling offer. To convert traffic into leads it's a good idea to present the form above the fold, like this template. If you're driving paid traffic to a conversion point this is a great option.

Premium content like eBooks and whitepapers requires a slightly different layout. This template design puts your message and large visual front and center. Visitors will be presented a fantastic presentation that will compel them to act. This is a great place to add some additional context. Talk about your offer, your organization, or connect with the pains and triggers of your audience.

This is a great place to add some additional resources. Give visitors another option to convert by layering in some valuable content. Present a connected resource just in case they're scared. And balance your copy.Keep the education train going. Give readers more content to explain why you're relevant. Tell them what's in it for them. Give them the overview of what you solve and they’ll be intrigued.

Prove yourself a credible authority on the topic to reassure visitors that you're worth talking to. For a shorter conversion page you can always delete these modules.Shoot for the conversion with a compelling prompt.

his template is unlike any other, just like your business. Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a website visitors love to engage with.

How you lay out and explain your pricing has a dramatic effect on your business results. Tiered pricing is especially effective when you're selling software or services that scale with different levels of features.

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Revenue River often times will publish posts from guest authors who are either looking to start a career in the inbound marketing field or have valuable expert insight from experience within different areas of the industry. To learn more about a specific guest author, look for a short bio at the bottom of every article written.


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