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About Carol

Born in Brazil and raised in America, Carol has always wanted to have a global impact. Her professional career started with a degree in International Business that led her down a path of business development. This is where she gathered the knowledge to train and run sales organizations. Her passion for equipping and empowering her salespeople brought on a curiosity and very soon, a partnership with marketing teams. Mixed in with wearing many hats in operations management capacities, she very soon learned the impact and role of technology in the sales enablement process and became passionate about unifying these strategies.

When Carol is not working to create synergy in a revenue driven world, she is attending an arts event, hitting the gym or just enjoying the Florida sunshine. 

CAROL'S Specialties

  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Inbound Marketing
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Carol's Sales Enablement Certification
Carol's Sales Management Training Certification
Carol's Reporting Certification
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Carol's Interests:

Golf & Travel 

I started playing golf as a teenager and fell in love. I'm pretty athletic so most sports came natural to me but golf was the only one that gave me a hard time. The mental element of the game still thrills me today! I've been traveling practically since birth and am so grateful for all of the amazing people and experiences I've had. There is nothing like stepping into a foreign environment, culture and language to teach you how to get out of your comfort zone!

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