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About Carolyn

Carolyn began her career as a Sales Development Representative. From there, she moved into a marketing position and finally settled into Revenue Operations. Her diverse background and years of HubSpot experience, both in a service capacity and as a front-end CRM user, give Carolyn a unique perspective and ability to look at systems from multiple angles.

She has a passion for creative, complex problem-solving and is always striving to create "A-ha!" moments with every client she works with, all while nurturing buy-in and adoption on all levels.

Outside of work, Carolyn enjoys playing at the beach with her husband and two kids, concerts, and trying new restaurants. She's also an avid sports fan (Denver Nuggets, forever!) reader, and watcher of many, many TV shows.

CAROLYN’s Specialties

  • HubSpot system design and buildout
  • Implementing creative solutions
  • Cultivating team buy-in
Amber's Inbound Certification

Carolyn's Interests:

Music & Concerts

In my spare time, I love listening to music and going to concerts. I have an expansive taste in music, but will always have a steadfast and unflinching love of punk rock (although I've finally conceded that I'm too old for mosh pits). I also taught myself to play the ukulele and enjoy finding new songs that are made up of the four chords that I know.

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