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About Carrie

 Carrie is a native Texan who has lived all around the globe, and now calls Santa Fe, New Mexico home. Though she earned a degree in International Business, her love for storytelling launched her career as a copywriter. Soon she realized there was so much more to digital marketing that inspired her. From strategy to execution to analysis, Carrie has worked on countless campaigns in her career and uses her experience and drive for innovation to continue solving for her clients and her team. 

As a Campaign Manager at Revenue River, Carrie is passionate about helping brands grow and succeed. She thrives on the challenge of understanding the operations of multiple industries and how the inbound methodology fits into a company’s overall business strategy.

She's the founding leader of the Albuquerque HubSpot User Group where she works with companies in the greater Albuquerque area to overcome business challenges in sales and marketing while learning to get the most out of HubSpot. Before starting the ABQ HUG, Carrie helped her team lead the Austin HUG for over three years. 

When she's not geeking out over HubSpot or all-things-inbound-marketing, you can find her in the mountains with her husband and two Aussies or in the kitchen cooking up vegan comfort food. 


CARRIE’s Specialties

  • Campaign Management
  • Inbound Strategy
  • All-things-HubSpot
Carrie Koos
Carrie Koos Email Marketing Certification
Carrie Koos Inbound Certification
Carrie Koos Inbound Sales Certification
Carrie Koos HubSpot Certification
Carrie Koos Growth Driven Design Certification
Carrie Koos Contextual Marketing Certification
Carrie Koos Content Marketing Certification
Carrie Koos HubSpot Sales Software Certification
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Carrie’s Interests:


In the outdoors...or in the kitchen. Whether it's on a bike, a set of skis, or simply on foot, I've always loved getting outside and exploring. I've always loved to eat, too. My husband and I never stop exploring new ways to use nutritious foods to cook delicious meals that remind you of a nice home-cooked comfort food. 

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