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About Chandler

Raised in the Pacific North West Chandler found his love for outdoor adventures in between the pine trees and on the windy beaches of Oregon. 

Chandler went to Brigham Young University - Idaho where he met and married his wife. They both graduated with degrees in Communications. He went into an internship where he was given a crash course on HubSpot and was given a path to become a technical expert in the program. Chandler has spent his professional career honing his skills with HubSpot and finding unique solutions for difficult problems.

Chandler lives a life full of adventures with his wife and dog as foster parents in the Portland area. He plans to continue exploring a variety of hobbies including skiing, hiking, cooking, board games, music production, stand-up comedy, and anything else life presents. 

CHANDLER’s Specialties

  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • System Integrations
  • Sales Enablement 
Marc's Inbound Certification
Marc's Inbound Sales Certification
Marc's HubSpot Certification
Marc's Content Marketing Certification

Chandler’s Interests:


I was a Boy Scout as a kid and the need to explore has never left me. My wife and I are determined to travel the world and see everything it has to offer. Our first trip abroad was to Iceland in December where we drank from atop a glacier, relaxed in thermal hot springs, and ate delicious food every step of the way. 

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