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About Chelsea

Chelsea loves everything related to design and strives to create memorable user experiences in her work.  Born in Wyoming, she discovered her passion for design through illustration and graphic design books in junior high school.  She started doing freelance graphic design work while completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, which eventually evolved into designing and building websites full-time. 

Once she realized her appreciation for creating attractive and engaging online experiences, Chelsea gained UI/UX and front end development skills through online education programs and began taking on bigger and bigger projects until landing her first agency job in 2017.

Chelsea is an outdoor enthusiast and loves living in Colorado.  When she’s not designing visuals or hammering out code, she can be found slapping her bass and wondering the mountains with her husband and two dogs. 

Chelsea’s Specialties

  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital / Graphic Design
  • Front End Development
Chelsea Williams
Marc's HubSpot Certification
You'll Never Walk Alone

Chelsea’s Interests:

Rock Climbing

I started rock climbing after finishing grad school in 2014, and I've been in love with it ever since.  My husband and I are both active outdoor climbers and we can sometimes be spotted around Clear Creek Canyon and Vedauwoo. 

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