About Doug

Doug has over 12 years of Marketing/PR experience despite a degree in geography from Texas Tech University. While he can craft the English language into something somewhat readable, he can also tell you what a compass rose is and point you north.  

Doug started his career as an assistant editor at PR Newswire's Manhattan bureau.  He rose the ranks to  management, then project manager before he made the switch to the creative side.  Now he's a client of PR Newswire.

Doug is a firm believer in not only doing things right but doing things better than anyone else, which occasionally leads to some late nights and unneeded stress.  He made the gamble of changing career paths based on his desire to be creative.  If you're looking to make your campaign more clever, reach out to Doug anytime.  

Doug’s Specialities

  • Marketing Management
  • Strategy
  • Writing
  • Editing
Doug Eldridge
Doug Inbound Certified
Doug HubSpot Certified
Puerto Vallarta

Doug’s Interests:


My family, my job and my experiences are what make my world.  My wife and two kids, a career that I could have only dreamed of and the experiences that only an adventurer and a pilot can imagine are what feeds my creativity and makes me a successful content marketer.

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