About Drew

Drew began his career in media in 2003 at a Houston radio station.  As the internet has evolved, Drew has evolved with it.  He began his career in support, learning the particulars of each platform then eventually took over the sales team at one of the highest rated TV channels in the country.  It was a coup that even the Turks could have pulled off with his experience. 

After a few highly successful years at his corporate position in Atlanta Drew decided to see what was lay beyond the 12 hour work days he had grown accustomed to.  Due to a previous relationship he had with Revenue River it made since for him to continue working with us.

Drew now specializes in PPC and retargeting for Revenue River.  He's found a new thirst working with a company that is fueled on beer not long hours.  His only regrets now are that his vast tie collection doesn't look good on his two dogs and his old dry cleaner's recently filed for bankruptcy. 

DREW's Specialities 

  • PPC
  • Sales
  • Retargeting
Drew Erickson

Drew' Interests:


As much as I love working on a PPC campaign I do enjoy getting away and seeing something new.  I've been lucky to stand atop the Andes to relax in an Amsterdam coffee shop and to stand aside the Berlin wall.  At the end of my trips though, I do enjoy coming back to my adopted city, Atlanta and feeding my dogs.

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