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About Emily

Emily had a more unconventional path that led her to the Marketing Industry. Graduating from Denver Metropolitan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and a Minor in Psychology, Emily broke into the Hospitality industry straight out of College. For 6 years, she specialized in Sales & Revenue, but eventually found herself taking on marketing tasks at a small hotel based in Denver. 

Emily landed a role at Revenue River as a Sales System Architect, but quickly learned to achieve success in sales system implementation you may have to step beyond the lines of the native CRM functionalities and integrate systems to improve sales processes and achieve close loop attribution. By pursing this path, she defined a new role, as the Integration Development Manager, and continues to find ways to innovate and pave the way for integration strategy and implementation at Revenue River.  

Not a Colorado native, but she got here as soon as she could after graduating high school in Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Big Red!). Since then her passion and love for the outdoors has opened the door to many hobbies. She trains year-round for Triathlons of all different distances, with her passion growing for Half Ironman races. Her competitive edge is seen on and off the course as her drive to continually improve carries over into her work life.  

EMILY’s Specialties

  • System Integrations
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales System Implementation
Emily Cray
Emily's Inbound Certification
Emily's Inbound Sales Certification
Emily's HubSpot Sales Software Certification
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Emily’s Interests:


I love all things outdoors. From a scenic mountain road bike ride, a long ski tour in the backcountry, to ripping my dirt bike through the forests of Colorado. The sun, the mountains, the fresh air, and constantly exploring put me in my happy place. 

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