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What's the difference between regular content and premium content?  Premium content has enough perceived value to the visitor that they're willing to provide their content information in order to access it.  There can be many different forms of premium content. eBooks, whitepapers, guides, case studies, and webinars are some common forms.   

For premium content to be accessed properly it should be gated.  You can promote your content in blogs, email, and social media with attractive CTA (calls-to-action) that describe the value.  Those CTA should redirect to landing pages.  These pages have a brief description of what the reader can expect to find inside the offer and feature a short contact form.  When filled out the reader can instantly access the content they requested as a downloadable PDF or media file. 


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Six Symptoms of a Sick Website

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Your website is the heart of your organization's digital body,
neglecting it can cause as much damage to your company as
neglecting your heart can cause to your actual body.

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