About Jason

A Denver native, Jason enjoys all the lifestyle in Colorado! Whether skiing, hiking or camping, he has always loved staying active and experiencing all that Colorado has to offer. When not working or playing, Jason focuses on his family and home.

After owning a business and discovering his passion for marketing, Jason's career evolved from business management and finance to focus on marketing and consulting. Jason's career started early, so he began college at age 28 and graduated 4 years later with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Information Systems, while working full time at Microsoft and having twins with his wife.

Jason's business career started at IBM, then Hitachi and Microsoft. There, he developed a diverse background in IT, finance, and management. Always an innovator, Jason built global reporting systems from scratch, analyzing sales, marketing, and operations for thousands of products in over 100 countries. After buying a company, Jason brought the marketing there into the 21st century. Always quality and process-focused, he led the company to over 300% growth in 2 years and elevated the company to the highest rated business in its industry. After a stint consulting and chasing personal passions, Jason wanted to join a company that shares his passion for marketing and principles.

JASON’s Specialties

  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Innovative Solutions
Jason Wissner Growth Strategist
Google ads Search Certification
Google Analytics Certification
Google AdWords Certification
Hazy Denver

Jason’s Interests:

Things That Move

I love all types of vehicles, especially sports cars, motorcycles, and boats. I love golf and skiing, learning new things every day, and helping my family and community. I am also a walking tour guide, teaching people about my hometown of Denver, CO.

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