About Jessica

The first time Jessica traveled solo was initially an accident. She found herself alone in a new country with no local language knowledge and no place to sleep that night after a friend with all the travel arrangements missed their flight. In the end, she was able to creatively navigate a missed bus stop, a female safety curfew, many monkeys, an emotional taxi driver, and a lot of sand. Now, not only does she welcome solo travel adventures, but she has also adapted the creative problem-solving skills gained during this experience into her professional career in order to be nimble and execute efficiently for clients. 

With over 8 years of experience in Marketing, Jessica's career has taken her between a Career Center, the Coors Brewery, freelancing for a variety of clients while traveling through Europe, and to a SaaS tech company before landing in the warm waters of Revenue River.

Jessica is passionate about the environment, exploring diverse cultures, carpooling, access to education for all, and keeping it real. 

JESSICA’s Specialties

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
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Jessica’s Interests:


Even as a Colorado Native, she didn't pick up skiing until adulthood. But one of those days (probably the same day as her very last yard sale from trying to keep up with speedy friends who lacked extensive patience) she fell in love with it! Ever since, she's vowed to forever fight the dreaded i70 traffic, waking up at unholy hours of the morning to chase powder or to beat weekend ski traffic.

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