About Julie

Julie grew up in a "zero stop light" town in Kentucky, and after college, she decided to trade in small town life for the bright lights of Nashville, TN. 

A career at the Opry wasn't in the cards, so Julie began working in marketing in several industries, from real estate to outsourced human resources services. But it was her time at an architecture and engineering firm that taught her the value of inbound marketing and the power of an organized marketing automation system. From there, she was hooked. 

After three years working with another HubSpot partner agency, Julie is excited to be a part of the Revenue River team. She loves helping customers solve problems and reach their strategic goals using HubSpot. If there's a puzzle to be solved, Julie wants to be on the case! 

She has a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Georgetown College and a Master's in Integrated Marketing Communications from Eastern Michigan University. 

Outside of work, you can find Julie enjoying live music, spending time with her family and friends, cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats, and quoting lines from her favorite TV shows. 

JULIE’s Specialties

  • Technical HubSpot Knowledge
  • Customer Service
  • Inbound Methodology
Julie Howlett, Revenue River
Julie's Inbound Marketing Certification

Julie’s Interests:

Musical Theatre

Julie has loved musicals for as long as she can remember, and would love to be able to break out into song in her daily life (without getting strange looks). Instead, she'll settle for watching stories on stages around the country. Over the last 15 years or so, she's seen over 100 productions, and her favorite show is always the last one she's seen.

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