About Juliette

I am a French native infused with multiculturalism. Born in France, expatriated in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and studying in Belgium and Italy, all while enjoying my time back in the charming French Riviera as often as I could, I have learned to open up my horizons early on. 

Being way too practical, advertising was a great way for me to nurture my creative side. I have been involved in advertising for many years, but have narrowed down my interests to digital marketing while doing my Master's Degree. More specifically, working in SEO has introduced me to web development. Having a patient and practical personality, this fit me like a glove, even more so since I enjoy fiddling with programs so much.

Besides my passion for SEO, I am also a big enthusiast of beautiful landscapes and nature in general. I am also a hungry skier just waiting for an opportunity to glide down some new slopes!


Juliette Tholey's Specialities

  • Organic SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Topic Clusters Strategy
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Juliette's Interests:

Arts & Crafts

Juliette spends much of her time in creative exploration: macrame, knitting, crochet, painting- pretty much every creative endeavor she can find to do with her hands. 

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