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Born and raised in Buffalo, NY,  Justin's childhood was marked by terrible weather, bad football, and delicious chicken wings. Motivated to never return, he went off to college “in New Haven”, where he spent 4 years meeting wonderful people and avoiding secret societies. After accepting that he would not be the next Lionel Messi and thus needed a real job, he developed a master plan to try careers at random until something clicked.

Somehow this worked as he found himself learning digital marketing in the Colorado tech industry and loving it. He grew fond of analytics, pivot tables, and all things optimization which he now applies everyday to tell stories in work and in life.  At Revenue River, he uses these skills and experiences to develop the right strategy for each client's particular paid media needs.

Outside of data-driven storytelling, Justin's hobbies make him the ideal mix of nerd, jock, and comedian. He loves video games, books, sports, and humor anywhere he can find it.

Justin’s Specialties

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Data and Analytics
  • Campaign Optimization

Justin’s Interests:

Video Games

I love being immersed in the latest worlds and experiences in gaming. From traditional sports games that make me feel like a pro, to the most creative and unique fantasy worlds, I can't get enough.  

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