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About Katie

Katie, a native Californian who graduated with a B.S. of Science from Chapman University in 2012, entered straight into Sales & Marketing shortly after moving to Austin, Texas after college.

Toward the end of her stint in Austin which stretched just over five years, Katie had experienced both startup life by diving in as employee #2 of a successful and bootstrapped tech services company as well as corporate culture by way of working in Global Channel Marketing at a mega cybersecurity company. A true collaborator at heart, she discovered that the foundation of her career is built upon the relationships she forms. Professionally speaking, the best of both worlds for Katie is melding her analytical prowess with her love of the people. 

After Texas, Katie lived a nomadic lifestyle by working remotely for two years in the digital marketing space before finally settling down in Denver. A member of the Sales Enablement team at Revenue River, Katie is the project lead for sales system projects and specializes in CRM migrations, HubSpot-Salesforce integrations, and overall knowledge of the Salesforce platform.


Katie's Specialties

  • Sales System Projects
  • Salesforce Integrations & CRM Management
  • CRM Migrations
Katie's Inbound Certification
Katie's Inbound Sales Certification
drift cert 2
Katie's HubSpot Certification

Katie’s Interests:

The Great Outdoors

Since moving to Denver most weekends are spent camping, hiking, fishing or skiing. Above all, my greatest love is traveling and adventuring through beautiful and unique landscapes while experiencing new cultures.

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