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About Lauren

Lauren loves creative and thoughtful presentation, be it through speaking, writing, performing or even the art of conversation. She considers herself a conversationalist which means her position at Revenue River not only allows her to give precise and thoughtful content, but provides an opportunity to assure client success and satisfaction through effective communication and active listening.  

Coming from positions in both the non-profit and corporate world has given Lauren insight for how excellence in content creation and presentation effects customer relations. Her stylistic writing ability and customer relations experience will be a major asset to her clients. Because of her in-depth knowledge of customer communication, Lauren is excited to dive in to the methodology of inbound marketing with Revenue River. 

Growing up in Colorado Springs meant she knew what she was missing when she moved to Chicago to attended Moody Bible Institute. She graduated with a degree in Communications and though part of her heart is still in Chicago with the deep-dish pizza, craft coffee, and biking everywhere you go, she's so thankful to be in Littleton, Colorado with the Rocky Mountains. 

Outside of diving into the beauty of inbound marketing at work, Lauren and her husband Taylor are heavily involved in roasting coffee (and drinking it!), being intentional with people, and growing and teaching together at their church in Littleton, CO.

Lauren's Specialties

  • Inbound Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Multimedia Strategy
  • Scriptwriting
Lauren Floyd
Lauren's Inbound Certification
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Lauren's Interests:


Growing up in a musical family meant that from the time I could stand and sing, I was looking for opportunities to be on stage. Acting, scriptwriting and directing for vocal performance are some of my most special memories. I value the process of character development because it allows me to understand anyone, in any walk of life. 

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