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About Mark

Denver-born CSU Ram with a knack for cinematic storytelling and an obsession with the entrepreneurial journey, specifically the raw, human elements within it.  

My career began as a writer and sound designer, assembling scripts and cutting interviews for home renovation and contest-baking shows. Juicy content, I know, but if you can build a compelling story arc out of fondant and reclaimed barn wood, you’re ready for anything.

In 2013 I was invited to shoot video alongside some of the world’s best wedding photographers. This is where I refined my ability to steer a film’s momentum in emotional directions using a “from the sound up” editing model. This caught the attention of clients outside of the wedding world, and I have had the honor of telling stories in the medical, tech, finance and energy industries.

I'm looking forward to telling the stories of Revenue River and its partners.

Mark’s Specialties

  • Story boarding
  • Interviewing
  • Shooting and editing video
Mark Morarie - Revenue River

Mark’s Interests:

I like an epic back county descent on my snowboard or a rooftop conversation over a tasty craft beer. If I'm not working you'll usually find me doing one of those, or flying my drone.


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