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About Matheus

Matheus grew up in Belo Horizonte, a city in the southeast of Brazil famous for having one of the biggest soccer stadiums in Latin America and its delicious typical foods.

Since he was a child, Matheus was passionate about technology, building his own computers since very little age. In college, he started Systems Engineering but ended up getting a degree in Marketing and Advertising.

He started his professional life in administrative and strategic roles in a factory, but he had the chance to bring together both Engineering and Marketing paths when he met HubSpot, It was love at first sight. Now he is always looking for ways to improve his HubSpot skills and helping people and companies with It along the way.


Matheus’s Specialties

  • Technical HubSpot Knowledge
  • Marketing, Sales, and Service Implementation
Matheus's Portrait
Matheus's Inbound Certification
Matheus's Gaming Setup

Matheus’s Interests:

Technology, Magic: The Gathering, and cars.

Computers, video games, and electronic stuff is part of my life since I was a kid. The trading card game called "Magic: The Gathering" is my biggest semi-professional hobby, it took me around the world competing in awesome places. My passion for cars comes from my father who was a rally driver.

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