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About Matt

Matt has spent his entire life in and around marketing agencies, from growing up the son of an agency creative director to entering his professional career as a graphic designer specializing in working on small to medium sized teams and wearing multiple hats.

Building on his background as a branding and logo designer, he shifted his primary focus from traditional to digital design, learning everything he could in regards to websites, video production, user experience and interface design. His goal was simply to develop a skill-set where he could focus on building cool stuff for his clients and providing digital experiences that produce solid results.

Producing results is more than just putting together a pretty picture and Matt knows that it means understanding your users, their motivations and their context. By using a Growth-Driven Design process and Hubspot to create websites he can focus on an iterative process that uses data to craft truly impactful interfaces and experiences for his clients.

MATT’s Specialties

  • User Interface Strategy & Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Branding, Motion & Graphic Design
Matt Farleo

Matt’s Interests:

Concerts & Music Festivals

I like to spend my weekends and evenings at the various music venues around town, soaking in the awesome music scene that Denver has to offer. Living this close to Red Rocks is both a blessing and a curse, I get to see a ton of awesome bands play the best venue in the world at the expense of my wallet. I live with the thought that nobody on their deathbed has ever said they went to too many concerts.

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