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About Michael

Originally from NJ, Michael discovered his passion for UX Design and Business Strategy in high school. Michael attended college at the Michael Graves College of Architecture and Design at Kean University studying Human-Centered Design and Ergonomics. Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Michael proceeded to pursue further education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying HCI and UX Design. During his education, Michael completed two internships at different design firms in Human Centered Design as well as UX Prototyping.

After Graduation, he worked in Brooklyn, NY focusing on design strategy and project management at a design and manufacturing firm. In addition, he worked freelance, designing mobile applications and websites focusing on visual hierarchy, sale's funnels, and prioritizing user engagement. His goal at Revenue River is to build and strategize intuitive user experiences for business clientele when navigating a digital space. 


Michael’s Specialties

  • UX Design
  • Design Strategy
  • Digital Solutions
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Film Making

Michael’s Interests:


I have been an avid cinephile/movie buff for as long as I can remember. Observing how directors and writers craft narratives utilizing different tool-sets in cinematography, color theory, storytelling, and tonality is an awe-inspiring experience for me. 

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