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About Michell-Elena 

Hailing from Miami, Florida this "305" Latina loves her Venezuelan/Colombian roots and is a passionate citizen of the world. Michell-Elena started traveling at a young age and enjoys learning about different cultures, languages, and people. She also lived in São Paulo, Brazil where she learned Portuguese.
Later on, these experiences inspired Michell-Elena's journey into the world of Mass Communications. 

Michell-Elena graduated from the University of South Florida, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications (TV Production focus) and a minor in Finance. 

She started at the bottom and worked her way up to senior level experience throughout her exciting career. Michell-Elena dove into the world of major entertainment television networks, luxury hospitality groups, and A-list entertainers where she worked in production, event planning, public relations, and omnichannel marketing.  An expert in trend analysis, she added digital marketing to her repertoire and became a certified Growth Master.
She enjoys building campaigns, but not as much as witnessing their success. Hard work pays off!

Revenue River is a 360 powerhouse agency with a community of incredibly diligent and talented professionals. Michell-Elena is proud to be part of the team, and is confident that RevRiv will deliver world-class marketing and sales solutions for your business. 

Michell-ElENA’s Specialties

  • Mass Communications Strategy
  • Content Development & Marketing
  • Growth Marketing Strategy
  • Public Relations Consultation
Michell-Elena Diaz
Michell's Inbound Certification
Michell's Google AdWords Certification
Michell's HubSpot Certification
Michell's Google Analytics Certification
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Michell-Elena's Interests:

Portrait Art

I started drawing and painting since I can remember. Because of my love for travel, I connected with many people from different walks of life. They have inspired me to attempt portrait drawing, because I never want to forget how they made me feel. I've done many commissioned portraits and I feel happy that in a way, I can bring people closer together.
I also draw people for practice, and well--for fun! 

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