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About Michelle

Michelle has been working in this field for nearly a decade and holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida.

With experience in the fields of brand/identity, print, advertising & web, her goal as a Certified COS Developer is to have the most fun possible with each project she is granted while executing according to the best practices she's learned through her extensive training. From her perspective, the more creative she can be with a project, the better. She strives to produce the BEST creative solutions and clean coding for the client web projects she works on.

Since starting to hone in her development and marketing skills and focusing them into the inbound marketing world she has enjoyed being able to apply tailored strategies for our clients here at Revenue River.


MICHELLE’s Specialties

  • Website Development
  • JavaScript & JQuery Animation
  • CSS & HTML
  • UI/UX Testing
Michelle Villalobos
Michelle's Inbound Certification
Michelle's Hubspot Software Certification
Michelle's Javascript Certification
Outdoors & Circus Interests

Michelle’s Interests:

Outdoors & Circus

I moved to Colorado to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that are unlike anything experienced in any other state. Also love to climb curtains like a cat for fun and for the physical fitness that results as a bonus.

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