About Nicole

Originally from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, Nicole spent 14 years in the Arizona desert, where she received her Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunications at Arizona State University.  Eventually the heat took a toll and she landed her sights on the Rocky Mountains…never to look back (except to visit occasionally!).

Nicole’s professional journey is broad and colorful spanning a range of industries and covering B2B + B2C roles in public relations, marketing, sales, client service and account management.  Having spent more than a decade in CPG (consumer packaged goods), she has also marketed and sold everything from soup, to bricks, to antiques, to photography, to consumer data, to proprietary software, to customized trailers and vehicles for experiential marketing endeavors.

Over the past five years, Nicole discovered a true appreciation for the value and impact of digital marketing and quickly immersed herself into the space gaining a Digital Marketing Professional Certificate.  She strives to build meaningful relationships with her clients, understand their pain points, and offer thoughtful digital marketing solutions that increase revenue.

When not working, Nicole enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, archery, embroidery, art galleries, estate sales, succulent shopping, live music, hanging with family and friends, and loving on her dog (Telsa, named after Nikola, not the car!) and Russian tortoise (Lucky).

nicole’s Specialties

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content Development & Marketing
  • Client Communication
  • Relationship Building
Nicole Aulik
Nicoles's Inbound Certification

Nicole’s Passion:


I have a strong affinity towards animals of all kinds. When I’ve got the time to volunteer, it’s usually with a local animal shelter. Jane Goodall is my idol and I have a dream to someday visit Tanzania and volunteer with the chimpanzees...they are such amazing creatures. Oh...and my kids love to poke fun of me for singing and dancing with our pets, Tesla and Lucky!

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