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About Pattie 

A Detroit transplant to Colorado; Pattie enjoys the music scene in Denver, being a soccer Mom, and riding her bike as much as possible. Digital Marketing is a second career for Pattie. In a previous iteration, she was a Middle School English teacher for Denver Public Schools where she learned the importance of having a robust sense of humor and being fluidly flexible. 

A University of Michigan graduate with a triple major of  English/Education/Drama, Pattie honed her marketing chops working as a Community Manager for several Denver area technical bootcamps, writing content as a freelancer, volunteering for the Business Marketing Association of Colorado, and by being a rabid HubSpot fangirl. 

She thrives in solving problems for clients, collaborating with her team, and creating integrated digital marketing eco-systems that get results. Pattie is thrilled to be part of the Revenue River team and looks forward to all the upcoming adventures in inbound marketing to be had!


Pattie's Specialities

  • Aligning Goals with Strategy
  • Connecting People to Process
  • Content Marketing
Pattie Kettle - Client Success Manager
Pattie Kettle -  Inbound Certification
Pattie Kettle -  HubSpot Certification
Red Rocks SHOW June 2019

Pattie’s Interests:


I love music of all kinds - old school musicals, rock and roll, blues, and classical. I love playing at area jams and you can often find me and my Fender Jazz Bass at Musical Life Denver. And, of course, the Beatles are my absolute favorite band of all time - all rock and roll roads lead back to the Beatles.

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