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Cloning deals shouldn't be hard.

Our add-on will totally streamline and simplify your process.

Getting started with our deal duplication widget is easy.

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What does this widget thing do?

Well...generally, it allows you to clone an existing deal so that you don't have to waste time manually inputting dozens of properties or run the risk of making errors between records. 

you're not gonna sell my info to space pirates, right?

Probably not space pirates. We actually use HTTPS encryption to make sure all traffic is encrypted.

And, we don't store your data anywhere outside of HubSpot - we only process it for a millisecond and send it on its way. 

If something goes awry, our admins will know about it right away and work tirelessly to troubleshoot the issue ASAP so you can continue your way.


Who is RevLabs?

RevLabs is the software department of Revenue River, an elite tier HubSpot agency. We have been helping clients in the HubSpot ecosystem for over five years and have developed a reputation as the go-to agency for complex integrations and sales enablement solutions. So when you work with software from RevLabs, you can be confident that it'll do what you need.