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Sam is a heavy believer in the work hard, play hard attitude and loves spending his free time skiing, mountain biking, and going to a wide variety of shows in Denver on the weekends. He has traveled all over the world but amazingly ended up working at Revenue River, whose office is located only 10 minutes away from his childhood home in Golden, Colorado.

After exploring a wide variety of career interests including cooking, chemistry, and working at a guest ranch in Montana, Sam found a love for social media and digital marketing for music festivals while pursuing a degree in World Arts and Cultures at UCLA. Upon graduation and always looking for an adventure, he ran off to Kodiak, Alaska to work a stint on a commercial salmon fishing boat to fund a three and a half month journey through Europe and Southeast Asia.

The conclusion of his journey landed him in Vail, Colorado where he honed his skills in Hubspot and B2B email marketing. Now Sam is thrilled to be finally living in his favorite city, Denver, and to have achieved his dream job at Revenue River as a Marketing Strategist. He knows that there will be an endless amount of opportunities as well as obstacles ahead but he is excited for the future nonetheless and knows that immense growth is on the horizon.

Sam’s Specialties

  • Email and Content Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Process Efficiency
Sam Swartz Marketing Strategist Revenue River
Sam's Inbound Certification
Sam Swartz Hubspot Email Certification
Sam's Hubspot Social Media Certification
Google AdWords Certification
Sam's Contextual Marketing Certification
Sam's Content Marketing Certification
Sam Swartz Skiing Switzerland

Sam’s Interests:


Skiing has been the biggest part of my life since I was two years old. Growing up in Colorado, it was embedded in the culture and I was on the Vail Development Ski Team from age 5-15. I continue to ski as often as possible, always pushing myself towards new goals in backcountry and big mountain skiing. My home mountain is Vail - catch me on the slopes!

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