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About Sergey

“If it can be made by man, it can be made better by man” – August Horch, the founder of the manufacturing giant which would eventually become Audi.

I strongly agree with the above quote, not just because I’ve been a long time enthusiast, owner of multiple models, and worked for Audi in the past. Audi means “Listen” from Latin (more about it here) and that’s what made this brand stand out and differentiate themselves…. Wait a minute, it’s called an about me page, so I will stop talking about Audi right here and write a few words about myself…

I‘ve been involved in sales, digital marketing, operations management, consulting, and logistics throughout my career. There are two things that I have carried though the different industries: the ability to listen and to build relationships with my clients and colleagues.

Search Engine Management is what I am passionate about, I love to help brands connect with their clients in a natural way, the same way we human beings interact with each other, and build relationships that last. Together we can do better!

Sergey’s Specialties

  • Campaign Development and Optimization
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Amplification Strategy
Sergey Dubinin
Sergey's Inbound Certification
Sergey's HubSpot Certification
Sergey's Google AdWords Certification
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Sergey's Content Marketing Certification
Sergey's Interests -Snowboarding (Tahoe)

Sergey’s Interests:


I first tried snowboarding when I was 17 and have never stopped riding since then. Because of snowboarding I've met so many incredible people and traveled to many rad places. I've called Colorado home since 2016, after many years of coming here to ride from different parts of the country. #ridingisthereason

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