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About Snowden

Snowden is a true Colorado native that has never moved, and for good reason. Not only is her name fitting for the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, her continual quest for adventure and adrenaline sports are fulfilled in The Mile High State. Her free time is spent sky-diving, rock-climbing, and skiing. Her deep desire for adventure inspired her to volunteer with organizations that provide life-changing outdoor experiences to those with life-threatening illnesses.

Snowden discovered her passion for Marketing back in high school through DECA, an international association for students that provides real-world experience in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship and management. She graduated with honors from Regis University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

After college, Snowden’s career path was not a straight line, which led her to have a very diverse and unique background in numerous industries and roles. After over a decade of experience advocating for Inbound Marketing Methodology in a digital world, Snowden joined Revenue River to utilize her expertise in Public Relations, Event Management, and Marketing Strategy.

Snowden’s Specialties

  • Content Development
  • Strategic Marketing & Branding Campaigns
  • Inbound Marketing
  • International Business
Snowden Terrill

Snowden's Inbound Certification
Snowden's Content Marketing Certification
Snowden Terrill

Snowden’s Interests:

Traveling/Adrenaline Sports

I'll never forget the first time I saw the ocean, witnessed different cultures and tasted authentic foreign cuisine. For me, traveling and the thrill of adventure is what life is all about. Next stop...unknown!  Hopefully it'll top my three month backpacking trip to SE Asia! 

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