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About Taylor

After growing up in Michigan and graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Psychology, Taylor took a government job in DC that had little to do with her major. Never one to shy away from new challenges, she spent the next few years traveling all over the world planning and executing government visits. During that time, she honed her skills in logistical management & event planning, and eventually developed a strong focus in media relations.

After a while, she craved experience in the private sector and jumped across the country for a communications job in San Francisco. Working at a music and tech company, Taylor was able to refine her writing & communications skills, along with project management, social media, and data & analytics.

While she was moving from coast to coast, many of her family and friends were settling in Colorado and she eventually had to join the party. The main consistency in Taylor’s career has been that she likes to make things happen for people. Revenue River is a place where the team does exactly that, and the inbound marketing methodology really resonated with her. She truly believes inbound marketing will be a game changer for clients in any industry.

When she’s not working, Taylor deletes photos of her dogs from her phone so she can make room for more photos of her dogs. She has strong opinions about Thai food and will slip on any patch of ice within a 50-foot radius.

Taylor’s Specialties

  • Campaign Management
  • Client Management
  • Writing & Communications
Taylor McPhail
Taylor's Inbound Certification
Taylor's Hubspot Certification

Taylor's Interests:


I have long been known as the person to turn to when in need of a playlist. For years, I've offered my services to friends and family for road trips, parties, exercise beats, and more. I've grown with technology and transitioned through mixtapes, CDs, iPods, and now mostly Spotify playlists. Let me know the occasion and I'll create the right vibe.

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