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In a recent article I outlined how to position yourself as a thought leader.  The article set the stage for building your digital marketing services and strategy to combat the reality we face as marketers. Building off that message I'm going to tackle the first step in this article, providing some direction to help you get started on the right foot.

Develop Detailed Profiles of Your Ideal Customer

You’ll want to build detailed persona bios for all targeted audience types. Start by interviewing your key personnel and put the information through our persona development process. The result will be detailed buyer personas with triggers and demographic info necessary to build effective digital marketing messaging, content, and conversion paths through the lifetime of the campaign.


Personas help you to better understand what each customer group cares about and allows you to create more relevant content that will inspire them to buy from you. - Stryde

Buyer Persona CTA

Build a Voice & Messaging Document

Once we understand your ideal customer and what they’re looking for, we can understand how your services solve their problems.You should build and organize your messaging into a handbook for each service and persona. This should include detail about differences in your services, how they fit together, and how your business and solutions set fits with each persona’s goals. The result is a concise guide detailing how each persona thinks and what their specific needs are that drives desire to seek information and solutions.

Perform a Funnel Analysis & Build an Offer Strategy

You’ll need something of value to present to visitors if you want to turn them into leads. Positioning content along the buyer’s journey allows us to provide the right information at the right time and in sequence, provide much-needed funnel pressure. Building a funnel analysis & editorial calendar to fit the pieces together properly so that assets all tie together is critical to success.


Carefully Analyze Your Competitors

 It’s important to understand how your competitors are positioning their businesses online. After you break down each of your top competitors you’ll know their keyword strategy, number and sources of inbound links, site authority, and general positioning strategy. With this information on hand you’ll be able to craft appropriate strategies to better position your campaign against your top online competition.

Build Specific Goals You Can Measure

Good campaigns have goals. Specific, measurable, time-bound goals should be built from existing metrics. These goals should align team members and provide the path to quantifiable campaign results. We’ve found this to be a very effective way of producing desired results and ROI while ensuring alignment with our partnership.


Identify conversionvrequirements based on your existing baseline and define your goals in terms of “X to Y by When” 

Foundational Summary

By working to put the proper foundation elements to a successful marketing campaign in place it will guide all future digital marketing assets and actions. Everything written, built, published, and promoted will have direction and direct connection to the overall goals of the campaign. Campaign activity in whole will be set up for success, now all that’s needed is structured execution.


Map your content strategy


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Eric Pratt

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