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2017 digital media landscape.pngCan you believe that we are already 1 month into the new year? With every start to a new year, one of the things we in the marketing world try to do is guess; guess what apps people will use, guess where blogs should be posted for the most views, and guess what public trends are important. With the first month of 2017 almost behind us, what does the digital media and SEO landscape of 2017 look like? It's our believe that some of the top trends of 2016 will continue to affect how we do business this year.

Privacy concerns are on everyone's minds

2016 saw the increase of those dreaded "privacy" post where your friends would give FB a stern talking to. According to this infographic by Go-Globe, roughly 78% of internet users said they are concerned about the lack of privacy caused by having so much personal information available on the web.  The current political turmoil is not helping and instead seems to be creating more distress. How does this affect development in digital media? For 2017, we will continue to see how backend development has to make sure that all your information is secure and that those hacker groups such as Anonymous can't easily obtain user data. For marketing teams utilizing these systems, it will be important for them to understand these security measures so that they can properly educate their concerned parties around them.


digital media landscape of 2017


Real-time content is everything

Last year saw Snapchat-like features added to other popular apps such as Instagram. The need to have instant gratification has always been a human trait and we are just beginning the influx of what technology can provide. In her book, “Decoding the New Consumer Mind: How and Why We Shop and Buy,” consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow explains how due to growing up with so much (instant) information at our fingertips we have begun to apply the same demands on our services. We want what we want when we want it, “be it new shoes, medical information, research for a paper, or an update on a cousin’s wedding — we come to expect immediate solutions. Impatience is the new virtue.” From the explosion of delivery services such as Uber Eats to coupon reminder notifications as you walk into your favorite store, 2017 developers will be pushed to include real-time features more and more.


User Experience gets an increase in focus

We have written about user experience and the important role it plays in website redesigns on our own blog, and this exposure to UX is going to continue growing. The quest for a seamless user experience is going to explode in 2017. Millennials, in particular, want to be delighted with personalized cross-channel experiences that seamlessly allow them to not only research, buy and obtain but that also allow them to contact customer service or return any items they do not want. It is estimated that millennials will account for $200 billion of buying power in 2017 which means this is an important aspect for online businesses.



Overall, the digital media landscape for 2017 continues to expand on those top trends from 2016. The online universe will see lots of development focus on privacy concerns, real-time content and UX in order to attract those of the growing subset of consumers known as millennials. Not only have they already started to shape the path we are currently on; they will continue to push the envelope on how we do business online.

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