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Donald Trump & Rosie O'Donnell


I feel like I need to come out and say right off the bat: THIS BLOG POST IS IN NO WAY, NO SHAPE, OR NO FORM, A POLITICAL STANCE BLOG POST! In fact, I've already booked my plane ticket to Canada if Donald Trump DOES become president. With that out of the way, Donald Trump is one hell of a marketer. Throughout the journey of his presidential campaign, Trump has proven every naysayer wrong. Here's how he is doing it:


Make America Great Again

It's a pretty simple slogan. "Make America Great Again." But whether it's wrong or right, it's speaking to a wealth of American's who are tired of the current system. Let's be honest, there has been an abundance of patriotism and pride in the past 10 years. From donning the stars and stripes on your clothing to the impromptu "USA" chants at every single, random moment; patriotism is alive. And this slogan, bleeds patriotism. A well-placed statement that Trump and his minions KNEW would speak to everyone (I don't necessarily like Trump, but I do like the occasional "USA" chant). Trump is generating huge attention to a "brand" that allows many people to relate to.


He Speaks To The Masses - Digitally


You all follow Trump on Twitter, right? Because if you don't, you're missing a heck of a show. One thing Trump is doing right (or wrong depending on how humorous you find his backlash) is interacting with the masses on Twitter. He doesn't shy away from his haters, but he also doesn't leave his supporters hanging. Donald Trump interacts with people in the digital world, why does that resound? Why does that work? Well, because seemingly everyone and their grandparents are on social media! You may say, "But Tom, don't a lot of politicians use social media to interact with the masses?" Why yes! But do they tweet in all caps???



That Time When JebBush.com redirected To This...

Trump - Jeb Bush website

Now that's a power move. Although a little rogue and pirate-esque, Trump was probably laughing when he saw that domain open up. Then, he did the unthinkable, and bought it, redirecting all traffic to his own political site. Up until Jeb dropped out of the race, Donald Trump, whether a backhanded tactic or not, was receiving website traffic from one of the most humorous ploys of political campaigning I have ever seen. We don't necessarily see this tactic as a true "marketing approach", but when you think of what guerilla advertising embodies, this is a key example. Almost fitting more as a smear campaign, there is a certain buzz and awareness that comes from buying out one of your main opponents' web domain. So, kuddos, I guess?



What ultimately helps Trump the most in his marketing endeavor is the amount of money he puts forth for his campaign. This tactic speaks across all industries, not just politics. The more you invest in your product, the more capabilities to succeed. Trump has spent millions on his marketing, over $9 million to be exact. Because of his wealth, he has the ability to put forth so much "coin" for his own good. But it's also his willingness to try, and succeed. When you have a company, and you're willing to put forth the funds to see it succeed in a broad space of marketing tools, you have every chance to see what works, and what doesn't. This filters into Inbound Marketing: bring unique ideas to the table, be willing to spend money to make your marketing efforts resound, and don't change what's working. If you are investing in social advertising and press releases, and you see that social advertising is out performing...well, do it more (for a HUGE lack of a better term...I am lazy)! Knowing your gaps, in this case, spending for press releases that aren't showing returns, will ultimately help pin down the laser focus for your marketing campaign, allowing an agency like us to reallocate funds to places that are working.


His Toupee...errr I Mean...Hair

Trump ToupeePhoto courtesy of Buzzlamp

Okay, this isn't why Donald Trump dominates the marketing world...but come on, couldn't resist.


Opinions aside, we have seen a whirlwind of unique, and sometimes "negative" marketing tactics from Mr. Trump. With that being said, you can't argue the fact that the man is driven, and thinking outside of the box when it comes to reaching the masses. If there's one key point to takeaway, it's that you should have your own voice. Don't market a product based on popular voice, or any voice that isn't yours. Don't be afraid to be blunt, and don't be afraid to try new things (like social advertising)! 





Tom Burgess

Tom Burgess

Tom, aka "Big Data Tom", is leading our cutting edge multimedia department. As Director of Multimedia, Tom uses his wealth of knowledge to effect and create results that sometimes our clients wouldn't consider. Tom is also an avid hockey fan and player. As a die hard Red Wings fan, it is rumored he has a tank full of 11 octopi at home, one for each of the Wings Stanley Cup victories.

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