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Targeted Paid Ad Amplification 2018 - Video Interview

 In this episode of our Cutting Edge Digital Tactics for the Outdoors, I discuss the trends, tips and best practices in  using targeted paid ad amplification in 2018.  My discussion is with with Sergey Dubinin at Revenue River. 


For the full interview, check out our article on this topic.

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Content Amplification

R- Sergey, welcome. You have a background in Search Engine Optimization and Management through stints with some big brands, like Audi. Decision makers in an outdoor industry brand company have been hammered pretty hard about "get your organic search" results up through great content, then they get hit with, "that's not enough, you got to amplify." What is the amplification of content mean and what are the key components in your experience to a return-drive amplification strategy?

S- Successful digital marketing today must start with a company producing powerful, valuable content that will assist the reader in identifying or solving a problem/challenge they face. The company must publish frequently, use a concept like 10x content, and execute solid SEO best practices as their first priority in the driving results from organic sources.  

Content amplification is a term used to define ways content can be amplified, using specific channels online. Content amplification is a multichannel approach that uses paid, owned, and earned media to promote and distribute content. The goal of amplification is to increase your brand’s reach and increase the number of people moving through your sales funnel to become customers. The companies who are successful at content marketing tend to diversify their traffic sources to get the most out of the content they create.

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