Welcome to Onboarding!

Hi there! It is great to meet you. Our goal for you this onboarding period is that by the time it's over, you will love HubSpot as much as we do, and feel equipped to use it to meet the needs of your team and company!

Get Started: 

1. Book the Kick Off Meeting
2. Fill out the form below before
3. Connect your Social (marketing only) and Ads Accounts if applicable
4. Gather your Branding Assets - logos, favicons, colors, fonts. Branding Guides are great if you have them

Tell The Reader More

Tell The Reader More

Lastly, a few important compliance-related features that come with your new license that we like to point out.

Cookies - HubSpot has a Cookies tool where you can add your own policy to use across your HubSpot pages l If you host your website outside of HubSpot, you can create your cookies policy in HubSpot and embed it on your external site. More information here. 

GDPR - If you do business in California and/or outside of the US, you will likely need to turn ON HubSpot's GDPR tools. If this applies to your business, please check out HubSpot's documentation on GDPR and consult with your legal team on the best way to make your portal GDPR compliant. 

HubSpot GDPR Playbook l GDPR Functionality Resources





After submitting the form, make sure you schedule a kickoff call with your HubSpot Success Manager. During this call, we will meet virtually, learn about your goals with HubSpot, and develop a tailored plan to meet those goals during our time together!


Introduce Your Team

After our discovery call, feel free to invite anyone you want to join our training calls. These calls will be recorded and you will receive copies of each at the end of onboarding.

Additional Support

If at any point you have a question on HubSpot, here is where you can turn: 

1. HubSpot Support
2. HubSpot Knowledge Base
3. Your HubSpot Success Manager (Me!)



What you'll walk away with

Upon completing the training, you will have the skills, knowledge, know-how, and confidence to use HubSpot successfully for your business needs. However, even though onboarding has concluded, we are still here to answer any questions or share additional Rev Resouces for you!  

Meet Our Certified HubSpot Success Managers

MaryKate McDonough

Director of HubSpot Success | Revenue River

I’ve been helping teams get started with HubSpot for 6+ years. I know all the ins and outs - it is truly the best marketing + sales platform out there. Need onboarding? Let’s work together. Your team will thank you for it!!

Isaac Quinn

Sr. HubSpot Success Manager | Revenue River

My journey with HubSpot began in 2017, from the very same seats you are in now! My experience with HubSpot's hubs continues to evolve, which benefits all of my clients. Allow me to share these benefits with you! Your onboarding awaits.

Nicholas Morphew

HubSpot Success Manager | Revenue River

I have worked with a multitude of CRMs throughout my 10+ years of IT and customer relations work.  After all of that time I can say without a doubt that HubSpot is the most simple and effective all-in-one toolset that you will ever utilize.  I promise that after 5 minutes of talking about your goals and challenges we will be able to map out a quick and efficient solution that will make your experience both seamless and productive.

mk 2-1
Isaac Quinn

What Our Clients Say About Their Onboarding Experience

I had the opportunity to work with Isaac to help onboard our HubSpot for marketing. He was always easy to meet with and always made the most of each of our meetings. I never felt like I left without learning something new.
Bailey F
Marketing Advertising
MK was a wonderful partner to us as we got HubSpot stood up for our company. And the task was not easy. We serve B2B and B2C audiences, with different workflows, data, and needs, and MK was quick to empathize with our business needs and come up with solutions for us. She gave us a lot of thoughtful attention, listened, and more importantly-- provided the strategic know-how to connect the dots for us. We were definitely set up for success. Thank you, MK and Revenue River!
Julie S
Marketing Advertising
mk 2-1

My experience working with Isaac Quinn to become onboarded on the Marketing Portal of HubSpot has been one of the most effective and deeply satisfying training experiences I've ever had in my career thus far...Lucky for me, in our first meeting, Isaac laid out a plan and approach that immediately addressed my fears and concerns. And, now that we're at the end of our training engagement, I'm in awe that I've been able to gain the HubSpot knowledge along with new automation skills and best practices that have me excited about what we'll be able to accomplish with HubSpot from a marketing perspective moving forward.

Eric B
Computer Software
MK was incredibly patient, knowledgable and thorough throughout our entire Marketing onboarding process. She left no questions unanswered, provided organized and clear follow-ups and ensured we had everything we needed for success every step of the way. Onboarding any new tool can be a daunting experience, but MK made it totally seamless. Thank you MK!
Lindsey C
Marketing Advertising
mk 2-1