10 Hour Support Block 

By buying a pre-paid block of hours, you lock in availability for our best people at reduced labor rates with scale. Buying a block provides access to our online ordering and resource-assignment platform. Every request will be routed to the appropriate person.

How the engagement works:

  • 1. You'll put in a work request when you need help
  • 2. Each request will be routed to a resource with the skill sets necessary for the work
  • 3. That individual will reply within 1 business day to confirm receipt and clarify scope
  • 4. We'll complete the work and deliver for review
  • 5. We'll work through revisions until work is approved
  • 6. All work order status and reconciliation will be tracked through our service hub

As soon as you complete the payment process, we'll be in touch with details to get going.


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Contingencies, exclusions, response time, and term

1. We are not selling emergency support.

2. We'll do our best to complete requested work in a timely manner, but make no promises for turn-times.

3. Requested work that exceeds your pre-paid hour block will be communicated before work begins.

4. All work requests should be submitted through our service hub, please submit requests through the proper channels.

5. We'll only take on work we're capable of completing and reserve the right to refuse requests we can't accommodate.

6. Your hours expire 90 days after purchase. We do not refund unused portions, for any reason.

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Gerald Truesdale

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