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Denver Sales Enablement Marketing

Sales Enablement Solutions for

Data-Driven Companies

The concept of closed-loop sales and marketing still
has many organizations and agencies scratching their heads - not us.

In this age, you need to deploy strategies that are supported by real data and our team can help you do just that. Revenue River architects powerful technical solutions that empower sales teams to be more effective and efficient in their roles.
We combine your people, processes, and technology to convert more leads into opportunities and customers at a faster pace.

Your CRM and marketing platform should give you more together
than either of them can separately.

Turn Data Into Lead Intel Sales Enablement Strategy

Turn Data into Lead Intel

If your sales team had a more complete view of prospects' demographic and digital engagement, would they be able to initiate smarter conversations with them?

Track Key Metrics Sales Enablement Strategy

Track Key Metrics

When you take time to identify the metrics that truly effect your business, you can create a system to capture data properly for insightful output on the backend.

Automate Manual Tasks & Processes Sales Enablement Strategy

Automate Manual Tasks & Processes

Imagine if your team could reach more prospects in less time with fewer leads slipping through the cracks. Would that have a meaningful impact?

When Sales has the right tools and resources in place, they can be more effective and efficient

Supplement Prospecting Efforts

Help them get more leads into their funnel with targeted sequences.
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Create Credibility Tools

Build evidence to counteract objections and powerful materials to impress.
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Improve Pipeline Management

Eliminate bottlenecks and put pressure on the sales funnel for increased velocity.
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Getting your systems to work together towards a common goal doesn't have to be a pipe dream

We've integrated so many different software solutions together it's likely we've already solved the challenge you're facing. Give us a chance to evaluate your software integration needs and we'll help you solve without breaking the bank.

Streamlined Processes

  • Eliminate the risk of duplicate entry and need for double work.
  • Take advantage of new opportunities for automation.
  • Feed your reporting machine more data automatically.
Streamlined Process Sales Enablement Strategy

Improved Data Utility

  • Achieve a cleaner database and a clearer picture with synchronized records.
  • Increase visibility and contact-intelligence across the organization.
  • Leverage accurate data points to shorten sales cycles, upsell to customers, and renew timely deals.
Improved Data

Enhanced Intelligence

  • Enable your sales force with the right information they need to close more opportunities.
  • Identify and address breakdowns in the lead cycle quickly and precisely.
  • Close the loop on reporting and channel attribution to properly allocate resources.
Improved Sales Data

Building an integrated system that drives real results isn't complicated once
you've figured out the process

Closing the loop across your sales and marketing efforts isn't an elusive idea anymore, it's a real possibility

We've integrated so many different software solutions together it's likely we've already solved the challenge you're facing. Give us a chance to evaluate your software integration needs and we'll help you solve without breaking the bank.
Contact-to-Close Metrics
Contact-to-close Metric Sales Pipeline Management
Meaningful Event Insights
Meaningful Event Insights
Data-Packed Dashboards
Data-packed Dashboards
View Our Impact Award

Read about the integration that won us the

2016 Integrations Innovation Award Grand Prize

We’ve worked with dozens of sales & marketing teams to identify gaps and resolve areas of friction across tech stacks with minimal impact on their resources.

Integrations can be tricky and difficult to maneuver without the right captain steering the ship. From unfamiliar territory and inadequate preparation to lack of proper resources and undefined objectives, the potential pitfalls are real. If you've tried it yourself or hired the wrong partner to do it for you, you probably already understand the headaches that can result. Whether you're researching for the first time or looking for a do-over, let us show you that it doesn't have to be so painful.

  • DISCOVERpartner with key resources to understand the tools you're currently using and the associated processes
  • VISUALIZEmap out an optimized flow of data specific to your team, tech stack, and objectives
  • CONNECTestablish and configure all necessary property fields that will serve as data storage, automation triggers, and attribution mechanisms
  • IMPLEMENTartchitect the system as defined in the strategy guide and test the functionality

Let’s Evaluate Your Needs

We've worked with some fantastic clients and what they've said about us speaks volumes

There's no better way to illustrate our abilities to solve complex challenges across a broad range of industries than to hear it straight from them.
Katie Bergquist
Katie Bergquist
The sales enablement support has been very beneficial for our Marketing Team! We were all new to HubSpot and did not have much guidance on how to fully optimize our Salesforce and HubSpot integrations. With their expertise in HubSpot and our background in Salesforce, we've seen improvements in our reporting and analytics.
We hired Revenue River for two services that I couldn't find another agency to even come close to being able to handle. We hired them for Growth Driven Web Design and Sales Enablement. (Also PPC and retargeting, which the results have been second to none, but that's not as cutting edge as the other two realms I need them for. The professionalism has been great. They're available anytime I need the. They have built some custom imagery outside of scope and generally make us look good to the board. In the future I'd like to move into a larger scope that includes more content and promotion as well.
Doug Eldridge
Douglas Eldridge
Jeff Althaus
Jeff Althaus
Revenue River has done a fantastic job of incorporating multiple programs and making them work in conjunction with each other to streamline my day and save me hours of work. Their sales enablement initiative is outstanding, and I would recommend their work to anyone looking to save money, time and make their work lives easier. I have been working directly with Amanda and she has been fantastic. She is creative, knowledgeable and very responsive. Thank you for the excellent service!

Department Director Amanda Daume
Amanda’s team digs into your sales ecosystem to identify areas of need. By integrating and developing technologies their goal is to empower sales success.

Sales System Architect Emily Cray
Emily's keen understanding of data's role in creating and maintaining sound strategy across Marketing and Sales makes her an invaluable resource for system development.

Sales System Architect Jason Levy
Jason brings a rare combination of creativity and technical skills to every challenge. He understands sales processes and works tirelessly to improve systems when and where possible.

Sales System Architect Katie Massey
Katie personalizes her approach to compliment your sales team and empower them to successfully utilize sales enablement strategies, tools, knowledge and resources they need to sell more efficiently and effectively.

Sales System Architect Stephanie Tran

Stephanie's background in HubSpot marketing brings a well-rounded approach to sales enablement. With a holistic view, she's able to use influential sales strategies, tools, and resources to help sales teams excel.

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If you're looking to address a critical gap in your sales department we should talk. With a brief call we'll assess your challenge and determine if we're a good fit to help you reach you implement the best solution. We have a wealth of technical expertise and experience to lean on when complex issues present themselves.