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SEO Marketing for Attorneys: Tips for Law Firms
There are many benefits to have a well SEO-optimized site in your law firm marketing efforts. First off, it increases traffic from search. Google is hands down the easiest way to drive clients to a ... Read More

Juliette Tholey Posted by Juliette Tholey
on 2/17/20 7:00 AM 4 minute read

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Best Practices for a Google Algorithm Update
A Google Algorithm update can bring huge fluctuations to your website’s traffic depending upon the precise change which Google implements. This often impacts entire industries such as health care ... Read More

Jake Fox Posted by Jake Fox
on 2/12/20 10:01 AM 7 minute read

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Understanding Data Fluctuations in Key Digital Marketing Metrics
What do the data fluctuations in your digital marketing metrics mean? In this article, we will walk through important concepts and methodologies to help you better analyze your digital marketing ... Read More

John-Michael Stilb Posted by John-Michael Stilb
on 2/10/20 8:45 AM 16 minute read

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Where am I? Information Architecture & Digital Wayfinding
Imagine going to a mall to buy several things from several different stores as efficiently as possible - get in and out and on with your life. You would probably want to find a map of the mall and ... Read More

Matt Farleo Posted by Matt Farleo
on 2/7/20 8:30 AM 5 minute read

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends That You Should Have Already Been Doing
I had a moment of surprise while reading an article from The Marketing Insider Group recently. It declared 2020 to be the “year of customer experience” and I wasn’t surprised by this in and of ... Read More

MacKenzie Macoskey Posted by MacKenzie Macoskey
on 2/3/20 8:45 AM 5 minute read

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The Science of Design
Is Design a Science? One design action implemented in two different concepts can receive contradictory observations. Read More

Michael Dumaine Posted by Michael Dumaine
on 1/31/20 8:00 AM 5 minute read

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Should Account-Based Sales Be Part Of Your 2020 Plan?
Before we get in to whether or not you should be including account-based sales into your planning, let’s take a step back and dig into what it actually is. Read More

John Drinane Posted by John Drinane
on 1/27/20 7:45 AM 5 minute read

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Implementing AI into your Marketing Strategy
People get overwhelmed by the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI), assuming it involves complex processes that require major development work. When in reality many AI platforms have a very simple ... Read More

AJ Driscoll Posted by AJ Driscoll
on 1/24/20 8:00 AM 5 minute read

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