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About Alex

Alex is a Colorado native who has also called Los Angeles and London home. She loves living in Denver, spending her free time hiking, camping, and biking around town (often to her favorite craft breweries). 

Alex has a degree from Occidental College in Theatre and English & Comparative Literary Studies. She has worked as a freelance writer for several years, with projects ranging from screenplays - including a script that reached the quarter-finalist stage of the Academy Nicholl Fellowship in 2014 - to stage plays, web series, and blog posts.

Her interest in digital marketing grew from her role as the lead written content creator for a fashion technology start-up, where she was responsible for everything from website and app content, blog posts, social media management, and producing videos. She loves the challenges of writing in a variety of mediums and platforms, and especially enjoys identifying and establishing the right voice and tone in all her projects. She believes with the right narrative any topic can be fascinating and informative.

ALEX’s Specialties

  • Content Creation
  • Creative Thinking
  • Social Media
Alex Bair
Alex's Inbound Certification
Alex's Content Marketing Certification
35mm film projector

Alex’s Interests:


Watching movies has been a lifelong favorite activity, but after living in Los Angeles and working in the industry, I developed a love and appreciation for every part of the filmmaking process.  I read all the articles written about new films, watch all the behind the scenes features, and I always win my Oscars pool.

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