The Team Behind the Results

We like to put our clients front and center. That’s why we talk more about their successes than ours. We also know that relationships are foundational to the success of our partnerships.

Why you need this team We are committed to successfully executing priorities in collaboration with our clients in a team environment. Our strength lies in the breadth and depth of our skills and capabilities.

You could be looking at the person who will find revenue opportunities in your pipeline, solve your complex challenge, walk you through your annual growth report, or make a bad dad joke.

Hire this team Hire our team of digital experts to get the results you need.

  • Eric Pratt

    Founder & CEO
  • Amber Kemmis

  • Rob Whitlow

    VP of Global Sales
  • Amanda Althaus

  • Mike Del Cuore

    Sales Manager
  • Erikka Pratt

    VP of Business Administration
  • John Drinane

    VP of Revenue Acceleration
  • Jenna Bos

    VP of Creative
  • Julian Ceballos

    VP of Product
  • MK McDonough

    Director of HubSpot Success
  • Marion Boyce

    Director of Growth Services
  • Rebecca Cann

    Director of Web Design
  • Mauro Vargas

    Director of Web Development
  • Kathleen McElvian

    Director of Operations
  • Michele Garcia

    Director of Technology Solutions
  • Roberto Pacheco

    Senior Website Strategist
  • Sam Hull

    Operations Manager
  • Rob Vrzal

    Senior Design Strategist
  • Laurel Powers Miller

    Senior Motion Designer
  • Delbert Hermreck

    Senior Search Strategist
  • Laura Galijan

    Senior Brand Strategist
  • Michelle Morphew

    Senior Brand Strategist
  • Margaret Sharemet

    Senior Paid Media Strategist
  • Dan Morell

    Senior Revenue Technologist
  • Madison Talbott

    Senior Digital Project Manager
  • Axel Obscura

    Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Scott MacDonald

    Senior Growth Strategist
  • Jamie Baum

    Senior Growth Strategist
  • Cassidy Pedram

    Senior Brand Strategist
  • Mia Liang

    SEO Analyst
  • Matheus Santos

    Sr. Revenue Technologist Manager
  • Joe Moreno

    Multimedia Producer
  • Alan Orozco

    Full Stack Developer
  • Gio Cervera

    Design Strategist
  • Richard Slemaker

    Implementation Strategist
  • Melissa Gonzalez

    Senior Growth Coordinator
  • Molly David

    HR Generalist
  • Andrew Mi

    Migrations Architect
  • Brittany St. Pierre

    Revenue Technologist
  • Garret Reardon

    Revenue Technologist
  • Carolyn Slaughter

    Revenue Technologist
  • Dani Arenas

    Jr. HubSpot CMS Developer
  • Aaron Smith

    HubSpot Success Manager
  • Vinicius Geronimo

    Sr. HubSpot CRM Architect
  • Lauren Bergeron

    Digital Project Manager
  • Karla Mussfeldt

    Digital Project Manager
  • Hannah Post

    Digital Project Manager
  • Adriano Brito

    Revenue Technologist

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