CRM Migrations

Make the strategic decision to switch to HubSpot without the negative impacts of change. We understand the nuances of most CRMs, so we can gather requirements, assemble a plan, build a system, migrate, and test, minimizing disruptions while maintaining crucial data with a proven process.

Get off your underperforming CRM and onto HubSpot, the top CRM choice for businesses looking to adapt and thrive.

Work with a team that is deeply certified and experienced in HubSpot. We know the different requirements for successfully moving 100,000+ records or 12 years of sales history from ACT!, Pipedrive, Zoho, or Salesforce and how to ensure all of your critical data is moved into the proper locations inside HubSpot.

Goals & Planning

Goals & Planning

We’ll kick off the migration process with a meeting with key stakeholders to identify information to allow us to customize the HubSpot migration to your goals, use case, and unique attributes. We’ll develop a timeline around your previous CRM’s license expiration date and clearly define objectives to ensure success.
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HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot Onboarding

You need HubSpot to be the world-class marketing and sales tool that takes your organization to the next level. We ensure your success on HubSpot with a customized experience that includes license configuration, expert training, strategy consulting, technical support, and a phased growth roadmap.

System Configuration

System Configuration

We’ll evaluate your day-to-day usage of your CRM, data points, assets like landing pages, workflows, and campaigns, and integrations with other software to configure your system in a way that minimizes disruptions to your business and maximizes the impact of HubSpot’s capabilities.
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Data Migration

Data Migration

We assess every critical record, object, and data point to ensure we successfully account for all hard data points like contacts and deals, plus soft data points like notes and attachments. We then prep the data to be brought over to HubSpot either via .csv imports or an API. Upon migration, we QA, test, and ask you to verify that the data inside of HubSpot works intuitively and effectively for your team.
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Step 1

Reach out to speak to one of our experts and get a plan to get off your existing CRM and up and running with HubSpot.

Step 2

Work with a migration expert to get up and running on HubSpot quickly and seamlessly, ensuring a thorough migration with best practices configuration, thorough data migration, and team training.

Step 3

Start leveraging HubSpot’s functionality after your seamless migration to drive results for your business.

Hire the HubSpot experts you wish you had in-house.

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