Organize and Automate Your Marketing System with rev-automation.

You need a clean and organized marketing database that allows you to automate system processes and marketing communications for better results.

  • Fill out the form or schedule a call to get help using our automation services. We have three services that help you organize your marketing system and automate your marketing communications:
  • Data Hygiene: cleaning existing contact records in your marketing database to ensure data is cohesive, consistent, and well-organized.
  • Segmentation: organizing contacts into segments and smart lists based on qualification criteria and consumption criteria.
  • Nurturing: using the segmented and cleansed data, we will enroll the appropriate contacts into an automated series of emails meant to push them further down their buyer's journey to a purchase decision.

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“We are now running a more efficient process with relevant, useful data capturing and automation of tasks to make our team lean and effective. So many small tasks were taking up our time and attention and Revenue River cleaned it right up for us, freeing our team to close significant deals and grow our business. .”

Bianca Calhoun Lager