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About Casey

Throughout his life, Casey knew he wanted to work with a high energy, strategy-focused firm like Revenue River. The Rocky Mountains and the culture of Revenue River drew him to the Centennial State like a fly to honey.

Casey's has a strong background in the technical side of HubSpot, ecommerce platforms, and building systems that drive revenue. To him, providing your customers with channels to communicate with you should be at the heart and soul of any business. Businesses have a responsibility to provide value and positive experiences while growing a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Outside of building ecommerce stores and managing growth strategy, Casey enjoys lugging his camera gear on hiking trails, rock climbing with the beginners, and tasting different pizza joints wherever he goes.



Casey’s Specialties

  • Ecommerce Store Development
  • Integrations
  • Revenue Growth
Casey LeBrun, Revenue River
Casey's Inbound Certification
Casey's HubSpot Certification
Casey's Email Certification
Hiking in the Rockies

Casey’s Interests:


As a child, I dreaded the long and sweaty hikes that my parents dragged me on in the Appalachian Foothills. Nowadays, I plan weekend getaways and road trips around the next great trail to explore. 

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