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About Christine

Christine is a native Idaho potato who spent her childhood exploring Yellowstone National Park, hiking, and swimming. When it came time to spread her wings, it was an easy decision to move to beautiful Colorado to pursue her dream as a marketing strategist.

As an inbound and outbound, growth marketing strategist she has a passion for community, crafting, and extreme hunger for driving success for revenue growth. Throughout her career, she's worked in an agency environment to gain diverse experience in sales and marketing strategies, optimizing the sales and marketing funnel, brand strategy, search engine optimization, website management, and more.

She loves the agency life as it allows her to work with a wide variety of people within diverse verticals. She thrives when building comprehensive strategies with her teams and seeing the success of a campaign from start to finish. From a young age, Christine has been known as a go-getter who strives for effective & efficient solutions for whatever challenges she faces.


Christine's Specialties

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization & Brand Strategy
Amber's Inbound Certification
Project Collage Landscape

Christine's Hobbies:

DIY Projects

Christine can be found drowning in a pile of yarn with a loom or turning a broken object into something new! Her crafting portfolio includes turning a broken vintage sewing machine into a planter & using the parts to create a canvas, weaving tapestries, refurbishing old appliances, turning a chair into a shelf, and more! Thinking outside of the box is Christine’s MO.

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