About Connor

Connor grew up in Northern California's wine country, but (despite what everyone thinks) knows very little about wine, and is terrible at selling it. He vastly prefers beer.

Connor migrated to Boulder, Colorado in 2006 to attend college. He started by pursuing a degree in geology, but was quickly overwhelmed by the demanding workload and switched to English shortly thereafter. This decision opened up a lot of free time, which Connor mostly spent climbing around Rocky Mountain National Park. After graduating in 2010 Connor decided to stay in Colorado because...well, why the hell not? Nice place.

5 years of working in restaurants and climbing gyms later, Connor finally decided to pursue a career related to his degree. He started part-time with a small digital marketing startup, eventually working his way up to bigger and better things. Still in shock that Eric Pratt didn't use his resume to hit trick shots in the trash can, Connor is very psyched to be at Revenue River.

CONNOR’s Specialties

  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Strategy
Connor Griffith
Connor Griffith's HubSpot Inbound Certification
Connor's Drift Conversational Sales Cert
Connor Griffith's HubSpot Software Certification
Connor's Drift Certification
Connor Griffith's HubSpot Email Certification
Connor Griffith climbing in the Indian Peaks, Colorado

Connor’s Interests:


I've been climbing since I was 15 years old. Besides going to college, I was drawn to Colorado mostly by the sheer amount of rock in the state. I'm currently in the midst of my longest break from climbing, caused by a huge fall and a broken ankle!  

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