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Denver Marketing Company

Digital marketing strategy,

system design, and execution.

Because every organization needs help with digital marketing
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Revenue River is a Diamond HubSpot Agency Partner

They have taken every step to truly understanding us and offer their best"
– Rahna Faddoul, Worldwide Speakers Group

At Revenue River we build and execute online digital marketing strategies to target and acquire new customers for our clients.

We begin by assessing your baseline, then define the specific strategies,
tactics and timeline necessary to reach your company goals.

Our tactics generally focus on four critical initiatives for success:
  • Improving the experience of website visitors to optimize their likelihood of converting
  • Building and promoting content in many formats to increase traffic and awareness
  • Harvesting new contacts with good intelligence so they can be nurtured and qualified for sales
  • Refining and enhancing the tools, approach, and technology to empower sales teams

Our process was built specifically for taking company's digital marketing and sales to the next level.

Let’s Dig in Together

We offer our clients a full-stack approach that ensures every element of a successful digital marketing campaign is executed.

By taking care, custody, and strategic control over the critically important foundational elements of digital customer acquisition we'll set your campaign up for success.

  • Improving your website for conversions
  • Execute an inbound marketing strategy
  • Integrate a modern sales ecosystem

Only a select few agencies have the full-stack capabilities to create

new customers rather than just traffic or leads.

full stack approach to digital marketing success

We believe in an annual planning process with a deeper quarterly focus that allows us to stay nimble to your changing needs.

Annual goals and phased planning of priorities based on your critical initiatives are mapped.

full-stack digital marketing annual campaign timeline

A 60-day onboarding sprint timeline is executed to identify and structure a cohesive digital strategy.

inbound marketing onboarding timeline

We've solved some big digital marketing challenges for some fantastic clients, we hope you enjoy reading the stories behind the results.

For a better idea of how we'll drive success for your organization we've laid out some specifics

We focus our digital marketing efforts on every step of the conversion funnel
inbound marketing funnel
marketing success step 1
  • Traffic is attracted by raising awareness
  • Content is presented across multiple platforms
  • Your organization is discovered in new places
marketing success step 2
  • Visitors are presented options to act and learn
  • Suspects are converted into leads
marketing success step 3
  • Prospects are nurtured and qualified
  • Only quality leads are provided more information
marketing success step 4
  • Converting prospects into customers
  • Prospects are compelled to become customers
marketing success step 5
  • Bigger purchases more often from existing customers
  • Increased profitability for higher lifetime value

We feature a value-based pricing system that ensures you never pay more than something's worth.

Tiered hourly billing is a thing of the past. We've never understood how agencies could charge more for taking longer, so our promise to you is that you'll never have to experience that frustration.

Our approach to developing a budget
  • We're a value-based agency where campaigns focus on meaningful results
  • We believe in defining the job to be done first
  • Then we determine who's going to do what between our teams
  • Then it's all about matching pace to goals
Everything we produce for your campaign is planned in advance
  • We love taking an annual approach to planning for goal achievement
  • Then we break down the year into 3-4 month sprint
  • Each sprint includes a different scope of work, tied to ongoing prioritization for goal achievement
  • As each sprint comes to a close, we plan forward based on the performance data, strategic plan, and status

Getting what you paid for is Our Satisfaction Guarantee

digital marketing campaign satisfaction guarantee

Everyone we talk to wants to know when they can expect to see results from our digital marketing efforts.

In short, it's complicated. Individual results may vary, as they say.

The strength of your digital assets plays a huge role in our ability to produce results in the short term. The pace at which we're allowed to build new assets and the available budget for amplification are key factors in timing too.

We know you want to know what to expect, so in general, this is how your first year will look….

when will I see results from inbound marketing?

We need you to understand the importance of a dedicated commitment to our mutual success

Similar to your expectation around results, our expectation is that we're about to become digital marketing partners. Partners that work together effectively with a steady focus on results and an understand that results rely on our ability to execute the plan we build to reach your marketing goals.

Here's all we really need from you to be successful:
  • A consistent point-of-contact for all campaign activity and meeting attendance
  • Content contribution for all copy, including articles, premium content, and emails
  • Access to key internal resources for subject matter expert interviews and training
  • Access to your existing digital marketing assets, website, and software packages
creating digital marketing synergy since 2009

We've worked with some fantastic clients and what they've said about us speaks volumes.

There's no better way to illustrate our abilities to solve complex challenges across a broad range of industries than to hear it straight from them.
Dan McDade
Dan McDade
We selected them because it was clear that they had a very tight process, a high level of transparency and held themselves accountable for results. The people we work with there are smart, professional, creative and pleasant. Finally, they are extremely flexible and bend over backwards to help us in every way they can.
Because our business model is quite unique, finding a team who takes the time to understand how we need to market our products is extremely important.Their ability to understand our needs as a company and help us sort through our existing database was refreshing and encouraging. They have taken every step to truly understanding us and offering their best
Rahna Faddoul
Rahna Faddoul
Josh Boxer
Josh Boxer
When they said they would partner with us, I underestimated their capabilities. They have created beautiful new assets for us to market, created a slew of awesome content relevant to our space and we are starting to narrow down our conversion factors. The folks at Revenue River are agile, smart and a pleasure to work with.

Digital Marketing Department

Department Director Marc Herschberger
Marc’s team executes your marketing strategy, campaign planning, content creation, automation, search optimization, and communication towards goals.

Sales Enablement Department

Department Director Amanda Daume
Amanda’s team digs into your sales ecosystem to identify areas of need. By integrating and developing technologies their goal is to empower sales success.

Interactive Services Department

Department Director Mike Del Cuore
Mike’s team manages branding, web design, and development. They employ a growth-driven methodology that maximizes your brand identity and reputation.

Our team of 23 full-time, in-house digital marketing, sales, and interactive experts all play a pivotal role in developing your front office suite for new customer acquisition

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